‘Aaftab was terribly angry as Shraddha decided to leave him’

Aftab poonewala

Early in May this year, Shraddha Walkar finally decided to part ways with her live-in partner Aaftab Ameen Poonawala, which did not go well with the latter who resorted to murdering her in a well thought out manner and not due to sudden provocation, according to circumstantial evidence collected by Delhi Police, say sources.
Apart from this, the Delhi Police team probing the death case has found bloodstains in Aaftab’s flat- including from its bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, sources said on Tuesday. A total of 13 pieces of bones including a jawbone have so far been recovered from Gurugram and Delhi. Tests by Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) will be conducted to confirm whether they belong to a human being, sources said. “13 bones recovered so far. Some other items have also been found, which will be examined by CFSL. Some parts were also found on the border of Delhi Gurugram. A jaw has also been found. Some weapons have been found from the jungle and Aaftab’s flat. With which weapon she was cut, it will be known after the CFSL report,” said Delhi Police sources.
The police have also found some clothes of Aaftab and Shraddha and sent to CFSL for investigation, sources said on Tuesday. “These seem to be the same clothes that were used at the time of the incident, which will be clear from the rest of the CFSL report,” it said.
Police have also formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the matter, said sources on Tuesday.
The Police team has recovered some weapons from the rented Chattarpur residence of Aaftab and from the forested areas on the border of Delhi and Gurugram. The weapons will also be sent for forensic analysis.
Some clothes have been recovered and it is conjectured that these were the same that were worn by Shraddha and Aaftab on the day of the murder, sources said adding that these clothes will be sent for forensic analysis.
The police have also contacted Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Google Pay, Paytm over email to access details of Aaftab’s internet history. Paytm has provided its reply, Zomato’s response showed that Aftab was ordering food for two people and that after some time the food orders showed only food quantity being ordered was for one person alone.
The police have asked for details from the dating app, where Aftab and Shraddha met three years ago. Evidence also suggested that during the time of the murder both Aaftab and Shraddha were present in the flat, sources said.
The Police, however, is yet to recover Shraddha’s mobile phone. Meanwhile, Delhi Police recorded the statement of one Jimesh Nambiar in the case.
Jimesh is the same person who referred the deceased Shraddha Walkar to an IT company in 2021.
Jimesh met the deceased on social media and he helped the latter to find a job.
“Shraddha was referred by Jimesh to an IT sales company and Shraddha started working from home for that company for five to six months,” sources said, adding that later, the company fired some employees, including Shraddha Walkar.