‘A woman can share her plight with other women more openly than men


iTV Network’s ‘We Women Want Conclave and Awards was attended by number of women police officers from different ranks. They shared their experiences in the event.
Sub inspector Preeti Mann, of the cyber cell, said, “I have joined the Delhi Police in 2014 and have been posted in different spots. Being a female, I have to cover `sexual harassment cases, prostitution, etc. The major challenge is to differentiate between right and wrong. As we are all humans, we need to see that even if we are implicating the wrong person, the law is supreme, and we have to think wisely. We feel good that we are in a position to provide justice to many people. I have raided the Delhi-NCR region for a prostitution case. With immense efforts, I finally got the desired result and was able to crack the case. I am in the cybercrime department now; we need to spread awareness regarding the rise in online sexual harassment cases, and we can’t stop cybercrime until we are fully aware. I used to go to the schools and make the schoolgirls aware of the online fraudsters.

According to Sub Inspector Rekha (rape, POCSO case), “A woman can share her plight with other women more openly than men. I faced an 8-year-old rape case survivor, and we have grabbed the accused after much time and have done psychological counselling. But we are relieved as we have been able to catch the accused.” Assistant Sub Inspector Jyoti Devi of the paravartan cell, said, “It is very important to make a woman strong and empowered. If a woman is strong, she can strengthen her family, society, and country as well. We used to train schoolgirls in every manner. As per me, girls are more capable of doing everything than boys.”Sub-inspector Shalini Tomar of the Social Media cell, said, “A girl narrated her horrific incident on social media, then we approached her and solved her case accordingly. Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in spreading awareness. One can go to the social media sites of the Delhi police and ask for help.”