A Witch in Search of Broomstick


A witch met a damsel on the road
Gave her a beautiful  ring of gold
Wanted her to do a favour
Get her a brand new broomstick
And be her saviour

The girl gave a weird look to witch
Tried to give her a slip
Ran fast to the bus stand
To board a bus to band Stand

As the poor damsel waited for bus
Witch came and twisted the tyre of bus
The bus turned upside down
Passengers  stupefied just frowned

Then the witch came to the girl
Asked her to arrange the broomstick
If she wanted to remain fine and fit
Saying this she made the girl swirl

Hurriedly the girl ran to her home
The witch followed her all alone
The girl stopped at a crematorium
Asked the witch to enter through podium

Now the witch felt trapped in girl›s spell
Stunned she was  to know girl was a  native of hell
Forgot she  her desire to have a brand new broomstick
In haste she ran staggering over the rusty bricks

Now at the advent  of  technology in the modern  era
Both the girl from hell and witch from Gothic era
Have been devoured by Alexa›s tiera
Yet you meet such witches-  their eyes glittering with mascara ©️