A Sundowner Meal You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

The land of sand and beaches is full of picturesque views for the beholders and it also offers a palatable treat for all the foodies. But what if we tell you that you can have the view and the taste in one go? Yes, that’s possible!
On our expedition to Goa, we happened to visit the super hyped Olive Bar & Kitchen in Vagator. Built right next to the beach, this rustic, woody, and aesthetic diner is full of sunset and vacation dreams! With lanterns hanging from the roof to a flooring full of pebbles and stones, this cafe couldn’t be or look or scream more “You’re in Goa” than this!
We started our food trip with drinks and they hit just right! Their Sorbet G&T was a perfect pick-me-up and has the right amounts of lime, elderflower syrup, and raspberry. We also tried the Maui Mule, Tropical Punch and Berry Cooler which were sweet, refreshing, and had uplifting notes of ginger, pineapple, lemon and berries! Olive’s Popcorn Party cocktail is for the ones who like their drinks strong and flavoured. With a base of whiskey stirred with mustard oil and muddled with caramel syrup, it literally tasted like we were gulping down a tub of caramel popcorn by the sea! The drinks not only tasted good but also made for a perfect instagram picture because of their top notch aesthetics and styling!
For starters, we savoured their blend of Olive Delhi and Olive Goa menu and we were not disappointed. We opted for Turkish Mantis, Avocado & Seaweed Ceviche, and Chicken Chipotle. The Mantis were these cute little ravioli-like dumplings loaded with mushrooms and cooked in a tangy creamy chickpea spicy sauce. Trust me, this sauce was the best I had ever savoured and the crips on the top just added the right crunch! The Avocado & Seaweed Salad was as delectable as could get and was creamy and all things healthy. The salad is perfect for all the health freaks out there and despite being green and full of flavours, your taste buds would crave for more! The Chicken Chipotle Tacos were a perfect blend of tender chicken strips, finely chopped vegetables and was garnished with coriander and juliennes. It was fulfilling and was a perfect snack to go with drinks!
For the main course, we sampled their Baked Goat Cheese Tart and Stuffed Chicken Wings Espetada. The wings were charred and gave away a perfect barbeque smoky flavour. Served in a creamy tangy sauce with fried okra, these wings were our favourite. The tart was served in a sweet gravy and was as cheesy as it could get. Topped with lettuce and tomatoes, the tart was semi-crunchy and the cheese on top was oozing all things good and tantalising!
We ended such a flavourful night with their Italian Picnic Dessert Basket which offered us a Tiramisu, Chocolate Ice Cream, Berry & Lemon Cream Rolls, Chocolate Roll, and a Coffee Liquor Shot! Our tummies were full but we couldn’t stop and we nibbled down their range of exquisite desserts. The tiramisu was a perfect blend of bitter and sweet and the ice cream gave us a melt-in-mouth experience. We ended our meal with their coffee and rum shot and our hearts were just as full & satisfied as our tummies!
Olive Goa is a perfect dining spot for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike and is a must visit if you’re looking for world-class healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Their drinks are a must try and don’t miss out on their healthy salads and chicken assortments! With a meal overlooking the sun, the sand, and the waves, we are sure you’ll have a gastronomical experience here!

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