A sumptuous illustrated cookbook which captures the magic of home cooking

Recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and a lot of heart and soul goes into curating them. Food and how it is cooked, allows us to dive into generational traditions, the culture and joy of cooking.
Servings- Simple get Exotic by Roopali Mohanti, a sumptuous and beautifully illustrated cookbook, attempts to preserve some amazing recipes for future generations and posterity. With an early praise from none other than the celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar, Servings- Simple get Exotic showcases an entire range of Indian and international cuisine.
In this one-of-its-kind cookbook, Roopali Mohanti takes on the mantle of a meal solver and planner to not just recreate recipes but prepare delectable meals. The book serves some delectable Odia, Konkani, Gorkha, Parsi, Sindhi and Moroccan cuisine as well.
The book captures the magic of home cooking. This book is a beautiful guide to whoever is looking for a helpful cookbook.
Servings is the journey of an inspired home cook, who understood how to make the daily chore of cooking into a gratifying and joyous experience. If the kitchen is the heart of any home, its soul is the love with which a person cooks in that kitchen—and this book is a stirring reflection of Roopali’s heart and soul. In these pages, she serves delightful food stories and amazing recipes that will bring a smile to your face and cooking them will make everyone you serve feel very, very special.
In this sumptuously illustrated cookbook, Roopali Mohanti takes on the mantle of a meal solver and planner to create a one-of-its-kind cookbook, one that will help you prepare delectable meals, not just recreate recipes. Servings is also a reflection of the endless hours spent by Roopali planning and perfecting recipes and ensuring that your dinner table becomes ‘Most Wanted’ for not just your family, but anyone who comes to your home for a meal. Roopali inspires you to put on that apron and head straight to the kitchen to whip up meals of exceptional taste and quality.
Roopali helps you discover the spark that creates vibrant food and ever-lasting memories. She reminds you that creating good food doesn’t always need fancy ingredients, and that the trick lies in planning smartly and executing it with as little fuss as possible. This cookbook is divided into sections on the basis of meal timings. Recipes are presented and curated in a manner that will culminate in an unforgettable ensemble of dishes. Every little detail that goes into preparing a dish has been captured immaculately. This book is a keepsake and an asset for every cook and home.

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