A Slice of Vietnam (and Cheesecake) in Vietnom!


Nestled in Assagao, Goa, Vietnom is the perfect place for all things Vietnamese, Asian, and healthy when in the state. With a variety of vegetarian and meat-based meals, the restaurant is an ode to the countryside villages of Vietnom, their culture & traditions, and their rich, colourful, and flavourful foods.
Before jumping onto Vietnom’s vast and tantalising food spread, their interiors deserve a special mention. Taking its inspiration from the Vietnamese fields and water bodies, the seating arrangement transported us to another part of the world. We were sipping on the drinks and munching on the chef’s specialties over a pond with fishes and lotus! With lush greens, oriental decor, silk and woven chair spreads, chopsticks, impressive servables, and soothing music—our eyes felt full just looking at and soaking in the place’s aesthetics!
But our hearts and stomach wanted some more!
So we started flipping through the menu and ordered some dishes which were beyond amazing. For cocktails, we ordered their classic Summer In Vietnom which was a concoction of vodka, mango, coconut, pandan cordial, mango fig water, and elderflower. The chef also specially prepared for us a Vietnamese drink Amba which was a perfect blend of sweet and strong! For mocktails, we sipped on their coolers with berries, cucumber, and ginger which were refreshing and chilled!
For starters, we nibbled on their cold Fresh Vegetable Summer Rolls which they served with an assortment of peanut, sriracha, and hot & sour sauces. The rolls were comforting, oozing with vegetable juices, and filled with vermicelli noodles, and herbs. Next we savoured the Oyster Mushroom & Cream Cheese Dumplings which were heavenly! A mix of mushroom, seasoned cream cheese, and truffle oil—the dumplings offered us a melt in the mouth experience!
Next we gobbled on the restaurant’s Lettuce Wrap Chicken which was cooked to perfection! Stuffed with rice noodles, pickled vegetables, and peanuts, the wrap despite being healthy was full of flavour and each bite gave us a new delectable surprise! The lettuce wrap was followed by Vietnom Chicken Wings which were air fried and seasoned well with herbs and spices.
The chef also suggested us Vietnamese Lotu Stem seasoned with sweet and spicy Vietnamese sauce. This crispy preparation was garnished with sesame seeds and scallions and was the best version of lotus stems we ever had!
We ended our Vietnamese meal with a dessert and oh, such a delight that was! The chef baked us his special Coffee Basque Cheesecake topped with an imported cherry and a berry marmalade. The blend of bitter coffee with sweet berries tasted perfection and was just what we needed to end our Vietnamese feast!
With a delectable spread, eye-pleasing ambience, and impressive hospitality—Vietnom Goa is a must visit for all the foodies who want to experience an unparalleled gastronomic experience!

( Quick tip: Do ask for Arzu and Biswajit when you visit the outlet and do not forget to meet Chef Karan Sharma!)