A narrative that unravels the elusive world of depression


This is one of the many q‘Loved the high, forgot the low’; a line that echoes through the corridors of regrets. Gin-Soaked Boy isn’t the kind of book that leaves you with a soft smile and a longing sigh, rather It stops you in your tracks and compels you to wonder about the what-ifs and contemplate the complexities of life. Sandeep Mathew has meticulously crafted a step-by-step storyline of how depression worms its way into one’s life, discarding all friendships, stealing innocent laughter, and dousing the inner spark of happiness.
Raj, a former prodigy who turns to alcohol for comfort, serves as a masterful vehicle for Sandeep Mathew’s deft depiction of the stealthy development of depression. It’s an easy read where the book is separated into 12 chapters, each dealing with the 12 symptoms of depression. Divided into a first and second act, it seamlessly transitions between the present life and the flashbacks, allowing the readers to glimpse at the behind-the-scenes and wonder where it all fell apart.
Sandeep Mathew skillfully captures the essence of Raj’s character through his poignant diary entries. Those pages weave a story delving into the intricacies of the burnt-out gifted child, a yearning to break free from the mundane life to create something unique, a strong sense of individuality, and a genuine dislike for people. The book fearlessly confronts societal themes, where a friend fakes a kidnapping narrative of not giving the exam to avoid parental pressure—a scenario where all of us felt called out. Sandeep has thus brought an element of authenticity to his narrative, drawing readers into his story.
An element of suspense is delicately interwoven in the story, captivating readers throughout. For all the fans of ‘Looking for Alaska’ who dreaded its “after” section, this is the perfect book to relive that apprehension. Each chapter pushes you closer to the edge of your seat and accelerates your heartbeat. And as the final chapter unfolds, you’re transfixed by the last poem, a masterful creation interlacing dreams and reality, just out of reach.
Overall, Gin Soaked Boy is a compelling read that delves into the complex interplay of human emotions and how they affect everybody around us. Its an opportunity to explore the complicated web of sentiments that define our relationships and lives.