Trending: A Haunting in Venice earns more than half of its $60 Million during the opening weekend


A Haunting In Venice shines at the box office in Europe, brings in massive collections despite The Nun II and Jawan craze.
Horror fans were excited to witness the clash between The Nun 2 and A Haunting in Venice at the box office worldwide. While both movies have their loyal fans, Kenneth Branagh directorial gave a head to head collision and in the process, has already accumulated more than half of its $60 million budget in the opening weekend. Scroll below for exciting details !It was previously reported in this space that the Death on the Nile sequel had received ratings as high as 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. The fan base is huge as this is the third film that marks Kenneth Branagh’s return as Hercule Poirot. And the results could already be witnessed as it witnessed way better ticket sales as compared to its predecessor in several international markets. As per a recent report by Deadline, A Haunting in Venice has debuted to $37.2 million globally. The film has grossed $14.5 million domestically and collected another $22.7 million at the international box office. It performed best in the European markets, including UK, Spain and Italy. By focusing on a mystery this time around instead of heaping on back-stories and annoying tics, A Haunting in Venice at least delivers on its brand promise. The cinematography by Branagh regular, Haris Zambarloukos, is arresting. All those skewed perspectives and off-kilter framing reveal Poirot’s unsettled state of mind and smartly has a bearing on the solution.
A Haunting in Venice wears its decadent luxuriousness proudly on its sleeve with the warm lamps throwing sinister shadows that contribute to a glowing gloom as Poirot reveals the dark secrets hidden in normal hearts. The clothes are lovely as are the sets and that clock with the Garden of Eden theme is the cherry on the mysterious cake — bellissimo!