A Descriptive Guide To Casino Bonuses


Casino bonuses are a great way of making easy casino money. Any good casino will reward loyal and consistent players with these bonuses to encourage them to continue playing at their site. Players can use these bonuses to beat the house edge and increase their chances of winning without changing the game variation or game. This is only possible if the player correctly uses the bonuses and understands their terms. 

Feel free to use this guide on casino bonuses, read on.

Terms And Conditions Of Bonuses And Why It’s Important

Casino bonuses have certain terms and conditions. These are the written agreements or special rules that come with the bonuses: you must read, understand and follow what they’re saying. Spending time reading these things can be time-consuming and people usually ignore them. However, failing to read the fine print can cost you. Online casinos have different terms and conditions for doling out their bonuses. For example, there are wagering requirements for each bonus you get.

These requirements are essential because without them, players can easily cash out the bonuses without playing the games. This isn’t the purpose of these bonuses; the aim is to advertise the games they have and to lure you into trying them.

Types Of Casino Bonuses

Different online casinos offer different bonuses. They include the following:

No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit bonus is offered to players when they sign up on a site. You don’t have to make any deposits to get this or spend money on games. The No Deposit bonus is like a chance given to the player so they can try and see if they like the site and would like to play with it or not.

Deposit Bonus

This is the opposite of the No-deposit bonus. Players get a reward for the first deposit they make on the site. The deposit bonus usually comes with the condition that you make a specific deposit amount. It offers great opportunities for new players looking to try out new games or sites. However, before you accept the bonus, ensure you read and understand the terms that come with it.

Welcome Bonus

It’s also known as a sign-up bonus. It’s a promotion a casino gives to new players. The amount and terms vary based on casinos. Most welcome bonuses usually include no deposit bonus, free spins or a deposit bonus. However, most casinos are usually generous with their welcome bonus; for instance, the Betway bonus is at INR 90,000 , lasts for 7 days and requires 30 times wagering.

The Free Spins

These are perfect for slot games. It’s a technique online casinos use to attract more customers and have them sign up. Unfortunately, this bonus is limited to certain games or casinos. Some casinos offer a deposit bonus alongside free spins.

Loyalty Bonus

This is the reward online casinos give to their loyal players. These players have been gaming on their site for longer and are always consistent. The loyalty bonus can be points, rewards like a VIP vacation, or programs. Different casinos use different styles to offer their loyalty bonuses; some, you can redeem for special prizes like trips and others for more chances of playing.

Cashback Bonus

Cashbacks are rewards that casinos are willing to pay back when you lose your stakes. Casinos usually give a certain percentage for every loss incurred. This bonus gives the player a second chance at trying. However, you must read the casino’s requirements to get this bonus. Some of them try to maintain a minimum amount in the account.

Refer-a-friend Bonus

Have you ever tried signing up at a casino, and a notice pops up “refer a friend and get a percentage of their first deposit?” Well, most casinos use this technique to help drive more traffic to their site. For some casinos, you will get a certain amount for each successful referral; for some, you have to reach a specific number of referrals before you get the reward.

High Roller Bonus

These are special bonuses casinos reserve for their biggest spender customers. They are customers who spend the highest amount on the highest stakes and make large deposits. The casino will reward you with this bonus to enable you to keep playing.

How To Get A Casino Bonus

You must first activate the bonus offered to get any of these bonuses. To activate, you have to do the following: 

  • Choose the bonus you want
    • Register at your preferred casino. For instance, if you choose 10cric and get the 10cric bonus, you have to click on it. You can claim the bonus only after registering on the site.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the bonus. This part is vital as different casinos have different terms and conditions for the same type of bonus.

Tricks To Choose The Right Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses can help elevate your gaming experience if used correctly. But before using one, you must choose the right one. Here are some tricks to help;

  • Compare the bonuses. Sometimes deciding between the best bonus to go for can be hard. In this case, you can compare their wagering requirements of the deposits needed. For instance, a Genesis Casino bonus and a 10cric bonus will be of different amounts but with the same wagering requirements.
  • Target casinos with a high payout percentage
  • Check the terms and conditions.
  • Maintain flexibility with the payment method.

Casino bonuses give a great boost to the gaming experience. But before you begin celebrating the bonuses offered, it’s best first to understand they are more than what the advertisements say. Understand the terms of each bonus before you claim or use it. While casino bonuses are always exciting, it’s best to look only for the most lucrative ones.