A brief history of iGaming technology


Some people might need clarification about the textbook definition of iGaming. It isn’t related to online console gaming. It refers to the booming online casino gambling industry, which includes casinos, sportsbooks and other games, such as slot machines. This industry didn’t exist two decades ago but it is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. Its incredible growth is due to many factors that complemented each other during this period. iGaming has created an industry that has seen some the fastest growth since the inception of the Internet.

The industry has become such a behemoth due to the computing technology that underpins it. Not only has the Internet become the main feature in many of our lives over the last decade, but it has also been coupled with incredible technological advances in gaming, graphics and processing speeds. We will be examining this in our brief history article today to see where the industry might be heading over the next couple of decades, following its exponential growth since the turn of this century.

Many of us remember when casino gaming was only a land-based venture. Now, you can access bonus codes online⎯including on sites with a rabona bonus code⎯and begin to bet immediately. You can wander to a casino to see a floor littered with slot machines, roulette tables and blackjack tables. Or there would likely be other rooms in the casino hosting poker games. This whole movement has transitioned online over the last twenty years because of the industry’s advances. 

One of the pivotal developments was the huge development in graphics. Previously, games used very limited technology and players had to wait a long time for the games to load. This would also cause the games to buffer and crash quite often. The games themselves would often have limited gameplay because the graphics were not of the highest quality. The development of the console gaming industry has meant that the iGaming industry has benefitted immeasurably from the breakthroughs.

Since the huge advances in this field have resulted in new generations of technology and unimaginable progress in the gaming industry, the casino industry has also implemented them into cutting-edge titles to profit from this flourishing market.

For instance, blackjack, video poker, slot machines and roulette have all effortlessly moved into this space and have seen their profit margins expand. They have co-existed with their land-based counterparts too. The same applies to sports betting, including virtual sports gaming. It has also resulted in these games becoming more streamlined⎯they have implemented top-of-the-range algorithms. 

This has led to further profits for gambling operators, who are then afforded the luxury of being able to pay for the top technicians and developers in their field. This has then caused a snowball effect, which has influenced further innovation and generated further profits. 

As more states in America and other countries begin to loosen their gambling legislation for iGaming, this industry will likely continue to expand. The market registered record profits last year, and if the technology continues to move at its current speed, it will likely continue its upward trajectory.