A 77-page suicide note found from the man who killed his mother and then committed suicide

Woman dies by suicide in Afghanistan before Taliban could stone her

According to police, the 27-year-old man from Rohini, who committed suicide three days after killing his mother cited “depression” and “unemployment” in his 77-page suicide note. Based on the suicide note, police claimed that the man had been thinking of taking his life for about two years.

In the note, he also admitted killing his mother and citing many reasons for the step he took.

An officer said, “He mentioned that since his childhood he was lonely and had no friends. He also wrote about his father and the problems he had with him. After his father died, he stated that his mother did not give him money and that both he and his mother were suffering from a disease.”

The officer said that the man claimed that he had read that if someone is strangled, their soul will not be able to achieve salvation, so to free her soul he slit her throat 10 minutes after strangling her.

It was also mentioned in the note that his mother had “gone through a lot and he wanted to free her.”

According to the reports, Kshitij killed himself on Sunday, three days after he strangled and cut the throat of his mother, Mithilesh. His father, Shri Niwas, a retired government official, died around 10 years ago.

Police said the mother-son was living with the father’s monthly pension, adding that a post-mortem of the bodies has been conducted.