8-year-old boy dies after falling into 55-foot-deep borewell in MP

An eight-year-old Tanmay Sahu who fell into a 55-feet-deep borewell in Mandavi village in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh died.

Earlier on December 6, Sahu was pulled out from the 55-feet-deep borewell following a rescue operation.

While playing on the farm around 5 pm on Tuesday 8-year-old Tanmay Sahu fell into the borewell and within the next hour, the rescue operation started.

Meanwhile, over the four days State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Home Guard, and local police personnel were on the job to rescue the child.

After rescuing at Betul District Hospital Tanmay’s body was taken by ambulance.

Moreover, immediate results were demanded by the boy’s family and the mother of Tanmay’s Jyoti Sahu”Give me my child, whatever it may be. Would it have taken so much time even if it was a child of a leader or an officer? So much time has passed, and they are not saying anything. Not even allowing me to see.”

“My 12-year-old daughter saw him falling into the borewell and informed me about the incident. We immediately rushed to the spot. He was breathing and we listened to his voice as we enquired. The rescue operation was started from 6 pm onwards on December 6,” Tanmay’s father Sunil Sahu said.

However, Geeta Mankar Tanmay’s teacher said, “Tanmay is a student of Class 3. The children of his school, including teachers, chanted Gayatri Mantra for his safety. The teachers and students have prayed to God that Tanmay comes out safely from the borewell. Tanmay is an intelligent student. His safety will be the victory of all of us.”

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