8 Highly Useful Rakhi Return Gift Items For Your Brother


Personalized gifts are always adorable. They are a gesture to make your brother feel special. So, when you send “Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi” to your married brother, you can consider sending a personalized gift along. It can be a photo frame with pictures of your bhahiya bhabhi wedding with a personalized note printed like “The couple that I admire the most.” “May your love grow with time” or any other things like this can be printed on the item. 

If your brother is unmarried and of your age, you need to know his likes and favourites before you choose a personalised gift for him. Personalized cushions, coffee mugs, blankets, watches, wall clocks, and more, there can be a wide range of other personalized items also; you can give wings to your imagination and get a great personalized note written over it that can clearly manifest your feelings.

Gift Hampers:

It is very easy to please your brother, who has a sweet tooth. You can choose to prepare a beautifully wrapped gift hamper containing chocolates, snacks, cookies, and sparkling juices. Get to know his favourites and then prepare a gift hamper containing all his favourites. He is sure to adore this gift hamper.

Potted Plants: 

Potted plants can be one of the most useful gifts for your brother who is environmentally friendly. Beautiful jade plants, Rhoeo plant, peace lily, lucky bamboo and more. There can be a number of beautiful and lucky plants that prove to be a great return gift for your brother. Potted plants are one of the most desirable gifts as they do not only detoxify the air but last for a very long time if properly taken care of.

Electronic Gadgets:

One of the most desirable gifts for a boy of any age is electronic items. There are certain items like Bluetooth, ear pods, adapters, sets of data cables, and a lot more that can be utterly useful to anyone and will be highly appreciated. If you think these are all run of the mill and you want a distinct electronic item for your special brother, you can go in for unique gift items like self-heating ceramic mugs and chargers, available on leading portals.


People like to smell good, and your brother is not an exception. Bottles of cologne, perfumes, and deodorants will be one of the best return gifts that your brother can receive from you. You just need to take care to know which perfume he prefers.

Men’s Grooming Kit:

Contrary to popular belief, men love to look good as well, and a grooming kit containing all the essentials will be an appreciated gift. The kit should contain shaving items such as a trimmer, lip balm, sun screen moisturizer; face wash, shower gel, hair and beard comb, etc.

Travel essentials:

There can be a number of items that can be gifted to a brother who is bitten by the travel bug. Trendy eye covers, pillows, neck support and a lot more can be given.


When you cannot think of other gifts, you can consider gifting a pack of t-shirt to him. T-shirts are considered to me highly useful gift that your brother will be sure to love. Before you buy a t-shirt get to know his favorite color and brand. You can also consider giving a touch of customization to these t-shirts. 

Get hold of trendy t-shirts of his color choice and if your brother is married buy a t-shirt for your bhabhi also if she wears them. 

A gift to a married brother differs from the gifts given and preferred by the unmarried one. If you are sending Rakhi online to a married brother along with a return gift, you should choose a gift item that can be useful to both of them. For instance, you can choose a personalized gift item mentioning both of them, or a home utility item will also be appreciated. Let the message of their being unique to you reach them through your beautiful rakhi return gifts.


Cute little personalized gifts with a beautiful message or pictures of your togetherness are highly appreciable. A personalized gift will just be the right one if you have a strong emotional bond with your brother which you want to convey through your gift.