Tea has to be India’s most beloved and well-consumed drink. The joy that comes from having a warm cup of delicious tea can even be therapeutic, especially in winters. Below is a list of six healthy winter teas.


Teas differ based on how much they have been oxidised since the level of oxidisation primarily dictates the strength of aroma and taste of a given tea. White tea is a type of tea that is least processed and thus contains a subtle taste and fragrance. Packed with antibacterial properties, white tea is considered helpful in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is also a go-to option for people who are wary of caffeine because of its very low caffeine content. Lastly, white tea works wonders for your skin and joints as well by promoting collagen and elastin productions in the body.


Green tea is best known for its rich anti-oxidant content that is considered an elixir for skin and hair problems. Green tea also promotes healthy cell rejuvenation and helps reduce cholesterol levels. Another popular benefit of green tea is that it speeds up the metabolism of the body and aids weight loss. It is also said to assist memory and is viewed to be beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia. To make the most out of its several benefits, you should consume it piping hot without any milk and sugar.


Black tea is yet another popular form of tea that people consume. Its anti-inflammatory properties help curb and prevent cough, cold, and flu. They also support a healthy heart by alleviating the risks of several heart diseases. Yet another one of its benefits is that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Black tea is also used to tone the body and get rid of cellulite. Finally, it promotes a fresh glow on the skin as well.


Oolong teas are a powerful source of calcium, manganese, potassium, copper, and selenium, which help replenish vital nutrients in the body. It is also considered to be very helpful in preventing cavities and tooth decay and hence promotes good dental health. Another perk of the consumption of Oolong tea is that it allows metabolism regulation and aids weight loss in people, thereby bringing you closer to your fitness goals.


With the brimming goodness of anti-oxidants and vitamins, herbal tea is a miraculous stress buster. It is also an immunity-boosting drink that helps prevent symptoms of cough and cold. It is also beneficial for nausea. Lastly, it serves digestion, helps detoxify, and supports weight loss which makes it the ultimate choice for people seeking fitness in the winter season.


Bubble tea is a relatively new introduction to the eminent Indian tea choices but is equally beneficial. It helps prevent free radical damage and is healthy for the heart. It is also a good source of strength and energy for the body. Additionally, it is said to reduce stress levels and enhance mood. It is also useful in keeping diseases at bay as it boosts immunity.

The winter season is raging, and it is only expected to grow colder with time. In this scenario, one can’t help but look for warmth in all things around them. Tea is a prominent drink that is consumed in winters to retain heat. The scope of this article stretches to provide a list of six delectable options that you can choose from, this winter, to not only keep you warm but also bolster your health with their various medicinal properties.

The writer is the founder of The Tea Planet.

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