5 Unique Hotels for your Staycation

There are many unusual and eccentric hotels around the world, from sleeping in an old lighthouse to renting a library book shelf. To compile a list of the most unique hotels in the world, we looked at everything from ice hotels to treehouse lodgings in the rainforest.

Stay in jail

Take a moment to picture yourself spending the night in your own jail cell. Your inmate trip is up to you at the HI Jail Hostel in Ottawa. You have a choice of sleeping in a dormitory with other “prisoners” or selecting a private cell. You’ll be welcomed each morning with breakfast, a free tour of the jail, and, of course, your freedom! You need to spend about $23 per night on dorm accommodations.

Sleep in a bubble

Probably this is one of the most unusual hotel rooms ever. These charming bubble domes are tucked away in Northern Ireland’s lush forest and provide visitors with a genuine haven. On a clear night, the transparent walls provide an uninterrupted 180° view of the trees and the sky, which previous visitors have described as phenomenal. Think about the stargazing! Prices begin at around $275 per night.

Walk in the Dream Land

Designed by architect Javier Sanosiain, this serpent-like structure that snakes through the jungle outside of Mexico City is made up of ten different houses. Since the entire property spans over 5,000 square metres, the image above just represents ONE of those homes. The price per night for this original and eccentric AirBnB is roughly $250.

Stay Underwater

The ultimate vacation extravagance is the underwater room at Manta Resort. Guests get access to both an above-water living area on a private floating island as well as a fully submerged bedroom. It can only be reached by speedboat. And who requires snorkelling? Fish and other wildlife frequently swim up to the bedroom’s windows! It’s a fantastical and enduring experience. Starting prices are $1,700/n.

The Conrad

Millionaires and lottery winners alike won’t have any trouble wasting their money on this opulent stay. The Muraka suite at the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives raises the bar for underwater hotel suites. In addition to having its own chef, butler, and trainer, the underwater glass suite gives visitors the impression that they are sleeping in a private aquarium thanks to its 180-degree views. The Muraka suite’s rates begin at $50,000/n.

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