5 strange sports in the World

We watch different sports and follow famous celebrities related to sports. Football, hockey, cricket, basketball, and volleyball are just a few of the many popular sports out there today. But have you ever heard of bed racing? Or Extreme Ironing?

Here are a few strange sports around the world that you won’t believe exist:

1.02. Underwater Hockey

Hockey , air-hockey, and even ice-hockey are famous sports. But this is one category of sport that not many people are familiar with.

Just like any other hockey, underwater hockey is played by two teams. The objective is simple — push the puck into the opponent’s goal to earn a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Isn’t it crazy?

2. Wife Carrying

Originated in Finland, this bizarre sport started when men had to prove their might by lugging their wives across vast distances.

Wife carrying has evolved considerably over the years. Now, competitors must carry their wives 235 metres through a series of obstacles. At one point, the race will pass through a pool of water that is one metre deep. The first man to bring his wife over the finish line will receive the equivalent in beer of his wife’s weight!

3.0 Toe Wrestling

It is similar to arm wrestling in that it involves subduing the other player’s foot using your foot. Both competitors must place their feet on the toedium, a small platform, lock their big toes, and attempt to force the other competitor’s foot off the toedium. The leg you aren’t using must be suspended in the air, even though you can place both of your hands on the ground.

4. Rolling

Humans can do anything to have more cheese in their lives! The participants ascend a steep slope to the summit, where they wait for the game to start. Participants chase after a 9-pound disc of double Gloucester cheese that is rolled down the hill to start the game. The cheese is won by the first person to reach the bottom of the slope or catch it.

5. Chess Boxing

This sport involves both the body and the mind, with 11 rounds alternating between regular boxing and a chess game. So, after each round of boxing, players sit down to a game of chess, after which they return to the ring. At the conclusion of the 11 rounds, players can prevail by knockout, checkmate, or the judge’s decision. Talk about using both our brains and muscles!

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