5 Rectangle Sunglasses That are a Blast from the Past

The past and fashion share a rather curious relationship. Most contemporary trends and microtrends in fashion are almost always an offshoot of popular vintage trends. Furthermore, fashion trends have often been studied to be highly cyclical, where certain pop culture moments or just organic revisits to old days may spark a revival of old styles and trends in the new era.

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The case for rectangle sunglasses was poignantly made in the late 90s to the mid-2000s when the Matrix revolution swept the masses. And with the return of the new Matrix film, the trend of rectangle sunglasses also returned thanks to a widespread feeling of nostalgia. This quickly evolved into the stunning collections introduced by designers and retailers, which always push the wearer to experiment. Therefore, one can always rely on rectangle sunglasses if one wants to try out a different aesthetic. Here are some options for rectangle sunglasses that are a blast from the past

The Lean Machine

The rectangle sunglasses that started it all; this pair can be the true mark of a fashionista if you add them to your eyewear collection. With their snug fit, these glasses are perfect for those who constantly need to be on the move. The black matte design with the tapering temples is a chic urban look that is bound to make you stand out no matter where you are. In addition, they are functionally optimal as they cover your eyes completely, giving you a comfortable line of sight.

The Magic Monochrome

Monochrome lenses with transparent lenses are the trend of the moment when it comes to eyewear, as seen on endless red carpets and runways. This pair of rectangular men’s sunglasses are a design that combines the best trends in men’s eyewear in the last two seasons. The grey lenses that spill out seamlessly into the grey frame up till the temple tips make for a memorable visual that can add a bright pop of colour to your look irrespective of the colour palette.

The Gradient Rectangles

The most memorable aspect of modern eyewear in recent years has been the different types of lenses that have been juxtaposed with frame designs. These rectangle sunglasses in a light frame are an ideal example of the same, where the mirrored/gradient lenses are a fashion statement that speaks for you as soon as you walk into the room. This rectangular men’s sunglasses design is meant for the fearless and outgoing since it is bound to spark conversation wherever you go.

Wrapped Semis

The clubmaster style of sunglasses for men has been one that has existed since the 40s, but these rectangle sunglasses are a modern take on the vintage design that belongs in your collection. The semi-rimmed glasses with bold blue lenses are a visually striking combination that has to be styled carefully to give you that flawlessly edgy look. The frame is in a matte black that holds onto the blue lenses, which are a bright addition to your look no matter the season.

Out in Style

Being out there in wayfarer-inspired rectangular men’s sunglasses is a choice that is always going to make you feel like the most stylish person in the crowd. They are in a classic black with tinted lenses which can dress up a look and goes with every ensemble and face shape. This is the one fashion basic you need to invest in if you want that timelessly stylish look. 

The lean, sleek, and chic finish brought forth by a pair of rectangle sunglasses is one that is sure to make you want to experiment with the urban and futuristic aesthetic as well. Furthermore, it can be easily worked into your ensembles to add some edge and make you look trendy with little effort. Therefore, if you are looking for your own pair of rectangle sunglasses to give homage to the top styles of the 90s and 2000s, Fastrack’s collection is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

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