5 Most exclusive coloured lakes in the world  

Stereotypically water is considered colourless and clear. However, Mother Nature always has a few extra tricks up her sleeve. It turns out that water can come in a whole kaleidoscope of colours, from chocolate brown to ebony black, blood red, cobalt blue, dark green, sparkling turquoise, and even bright bubble-gum pink! Fascinating lakes of nearly every colour of the rainbow cover the earth, continually enchanting us with their surprising and breath-taking views. Let’s have a closer look on them.

Lake Hillier (Australia)
Lake Hillier’s unique pink colour is so bright and bold that it can even be seen by satellites in space. Unlike many other “pink” colored lakes around the world, Lake Hillier stays pink all year long. Lake Hillier is only 1,970 feet long and 820 feet wide, but its bright pink colour is hard to miss amid the lush green landscape of paperback and eucalyptus trees.

Jellyfish Lake (Palau)
Jellyfish Lake a beautiful marine lagoon in the middle of Palau, surrounded by mangrove trees.  Its waters have separate layers that never mix together, each with a different temperature. The lake itself is 1,510 feet long and 520 wide, with an average depth of around 100 feet. Jellyfish Lake offers a picturesque view from its shores, within the waters of Jellyfish Lake are millions of sparkling golden jellyfish.

Emerald Lakes (New Zealand)
The Emerald Lakes in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park are the result of volcanic eruptions more than 275,000 years ago. Snow and ice melt mixed with mineral deposits filled the volcanic craters over time, forming these beautiful lakes. These volcanic minerals give the lake its shimmering emerald green colour.

Lake Retba (Senegal)
Lake Retba is on the coast of Cape Vert Peninsula, only 20 miles from Senegal’s capital city of Dakar. In Senegal the lake is often referred to as “Lac Rose,” which is French for “Pink Lake.” Lake Retba was once a cove in the Atlantic Ocean. The salt levels in this lake are higher than the Dead Sea, and at times they can reach as high as 40%!

Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)
The other-worldly Plitvice Lakes in Croatia look like a fairy tale. There are 16 lakes in total, connected to one another by stunning cascades and waterfalls. The colours of the lakes change depending on the quality and amount of minerals and organisms in each lake, as well as the angle of the sun.

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