5 Most Abandoned Places of The World

Change is the only permanent thing in the world. The same can be seen in old buildings, cities, railway lines, or even amusement parks across the world. Some of these completely run-down and abandoned places across the world have a ghostly and weird touch attached to them. Beneath all this dust and rust, there are unheard stories associated with these abandoned places across the world.

The Christ of the Depth
Cristo Degli Abissi is another name, a two and a half-meter statue at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. The statue was placed under the water in 1954 in the memory of Dario Gonzatti, who died in 1947 during diving. The Depth of Christ is located in the San Fruttuoso seafront in Italy, Liguria.

Kolmanskop: the ghost city in Namibia
In 1908, a black worker found a diamond in this area, and the Germans built up a whole city, only living from diamond mining. The first miners were earning very nice salary and everything from hospital to theatre was built even trams and casinos. However, after World War I, the area’s diamond stock was depleted and no mining was done. Finally, in 1954, the city was completely emptied.

The abandoned dome houses in Cape Romano
The dome houses were originally built in 1981 and a gentleman named John Tosto finally bought them in 2005. He has not touched them yet. There is a constant burst of revolt around the renovation, according to some sources, Tosto may even make a fine of $ 185,000 for them. There is something unrealistic and faced with the facts, the renovation here is rather a clearing up with a dozer because these houses cannot be renovated much.

The abandoned German
fishing cottage
The cottage stands in Berchtesgaden National Park at the junction between Bavaria and Salzburg. The park was founded in 1978 and is located 210 square kilometres. Poor little cottage is rotting in the world’s most picturesque environment: crystal clear water, mountains that bite into snow-white clouds … However, this does not help on it so much.

Angkorwat, Cambodia
Angkorwat is the most prominent temple complex in Angkor. It was built between 1113 and 1150 with 5000 sculptors and stone carver as well as 50,000 hard-working men in 30 years of work. The complex still functions as a religious center: it plays an important role in both Hindu and Buddhist religions.

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