40 pistols, 36 magazines seized from MP’s Khargone


The Madhya Pradesh Police, after a protracted pursuit, stopped a car on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway in the Rau neighbourhood of Indore and found a cache of illicit firearms inside, including 40 handguns and 36 magazines.

In the wee hours of Monday, the police stopped an automobile with a Haryana registration based on a tip.

According to Police Commissioner Harinarayanchari Mishra, the driver of the car accelerated in an effort to elude the police and struck a police car as they were fleeing.

After the automobile struck the police barricade, the four miscreants inside fled the scene into a deep forest close to the highway.

The vehicle had a Haryana registration number, and the cops found at least 40 weapons, 36 magazines, and five cartridges inside.

“These weapons are advanced imitations of foreign weapons. The magazines recovered from the car can be filled with 30 cartridges, whereas a normal magazine can only accommodate 10,” he said.

The police have also started looking for the fugitive criminals. More information is awaited.