4 Cool Perks and Benefits You Should Consider Offering Your Employees


The quality and originality of the benefits you offer as an employer could give you a serious advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. Even if you cannot offer as many benefits as some of your competitors, or you don’t have as much money to spend, candidates will remember you if they see a few things in your package that they haven’t seen anywhere else yet. It’s even better if these benefits are tailor-made for their situation. Let’s take a look at a few nice perks and benefits you should consider giving to your employees.

Grocery Discount Card

Offering discount cards that can be used at select retailers or on certain types of food can help you attract and retain employees. This is an especially great option if you employ a lot of low-wage workers, but even higher-earning workers will appreciate the fact that their employer is looking out for them and allowing them to save on all sorts of everyday items.

If you’d like to implement this kind of system, however, you have to make sure that you pick the right benefits service provider. BlackHawk is a very popular network you can try, but others like InComm offer a much better deal and are more extensive. This is why you should check out this Incomm Payments vs Blackhawk Network comparison before you make your decision, and compare different providers until you find one that has the best package for you.

Home Office Stipend

It’s one thing to offer your employees the chance to work from their homes, but some of them might not be happy about the fact that they have to buy some furniture and various pieces of equipment to do so. This is why some companies offer cash stipends that employees can spend on office supplies of their choice or specific things like office furniture, and electronics, or cover their internet bills, among others. This will give your employees a little bit more room to breathe and get recruits more excited about working for your company.

Four-Day Workweek

More employers should try different scheduling formats and get out of the five-day workweek two-day weekend mindset. A lot of employees would prefer to work four days and have a three-day weekend, even if it means slightly longer shifts. This is a great option for parents who want to have a better work-life balance and allows them to get the whole Friday for themselves, which is something very few people can brag about.

Asynchronous Work

Asynchronous work is where employees don’t have to clock in at a specific time. This doesn’t mean that they can come in at any time, but you can give your employees a time range within which they can clock in. This could help you attract and retain employees who are dispersed through different

time zones and it should be considered by all global teams.

These perks and benefits are sure to catch the attention of potential recruits and push more of them to consider your organization. If any of the benefits make sense to you, you should start looking at how you could implement them, and which ones would work for your workforce and budget.