347 Afghanis tried to commit suicide in 9 provinces in 2022


In Afghanistan, at least 347 people attempted suicide in 9 different provinces last year, according to the country’s private news agency.
It has been reported that poverty, family problems, unemployment and lack of freedom are the main reasons for such suicide attempts. It is also reported that women are more likely to commit suicide than men.
In this regard, the private news agency said: At least 60 people have died in such suicide attempts. 9 more attempted suicides in different provinces. First among them is Badakhshan province. 251 people attempted suicide in this province. A 20-year-old woman attempted suicide by drinking acid. Then his relatives acted quickly and admitted him to the hospital. It is said that he attempted suicide due to poverty.
According to the head of a private hospital, 250 people have been admitted to the hospital after attempting suicide. 188 of them were females and 62 were males. Psychologists say that the prevailing economic problems and family problems in Afghanistan are a major cause of suicide.