3000 schools to shut in Uttarakhand over poor student count

To restore the standard of basic education in Uttarakhand the state government has decided to immediately close all such schools that have fewer than 10 students.

“The education department has decided to temporarily close 3,000 schools in the state with less than 10 students. Schools with five students in hilly areas and 10 or fewer students in plains will be closed, and children from these schools will be sent to schools closest to excellence,” Bansidhar Tiwari Director General of Education said.

Meanwhile, the schools of the state have been temporarily closed until they have sufficient students.

Director General of Education Tiwari said, “This year there have been an extra 65,000 students, and several previously closed schools have also reopened.”

Moreover, after being at the bottom of the national level in the field of school education this year the ministry will improve the department’s image.

However, the “bhojanmatas” who were working in schools will be accommodated in the same school where students are being sent.

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