2024 Election Excitement Engages Unmarried Men and Widowers in Haryana’s Political Landscape


The excitement of 2024 elections is affecting all the political parties as well as various sections of the society. Now unmarried men and widowers of Haryana also got included in this. The Unmarried Association and Unmarried Ekta Manch, which have been struggling for their demands for the last 14 years, have prepared a complete blueprint for this. Members of both these organizations will go from village to village to make the unmarried people aware and unite them and after this they will make them feel the strength through a state level conference in Jind or Hisar.
The number of bachelors in Haryana has increased in the last few years. In view of this problem becoming serious, Haryana Government has also started monthly pension for unmarried and widowers. However, the government claims that there are around 70 thousand members of this category in the state, while the Unmarried Association says that there are eight lakh unmarried and widowers. The members of the association are only 1.27 lakh. There are 100 to 150 bachelors and widowers in small villages and 500-500 in big villages.
The association claims that unmarried people have complete influence in 60 circles of the state. They have complete ground report that there are 5 to 8 thousand unmarried and widowed people in these circles. Especially their number is high in all the assembly seats of Jatland. Due to lack of solidarity and awareness, they have not been heard till date. The government has started pension, but has not received it till date. Whichever party supports their demands, the association will support it in the elections.
Even today, whether it is a rally of any party, the work of making it successful is done by unmarried people of our class. In the last few years, the number of members in the association has also increased suddenly. We need employment so that we can live a good life. The monthly pension which was started by the government has also not started being received yet. -Virendra Sangwan, State Head, Unmarried Unity Forum. demands of the association On the lines of disabled people, there should be a respectful word in place of the word Randa. Instead of monthly pension, unmarried people need employment to survive.
Action should be taken against those who say the word Randa.
Be included in social and government programs.
Census of unmarried and widowers should be conducted and special identity cards should be given.
Family ID should be made, reservation should be given in Panchayati Raj.