2020’s most effective business strategy: The digitisation of content


If there is one thing that has been highlighted strongly through this pandemic, it is the ability of the human mind to innovate in order to overcome adversities. Faced with a bleak future, many businesses have had to either shut down, diversify or digitise. Fortunately, technology that had previously been relegated to being at the edge of business has now risen strongly to be in the spotlight.

 AppInventiv, a venture offering digital solutions to transform and automate organisations, is a great example of the way the industry is creating a new and bright future. The focus is entirely on digitising startups, as well as already established companies through the usage of premium quality products and unique user experiences. The core focus of the brand revolves around five essential values that include keeping the customer at its core, agility, ethics, equality, and innovationled value addition. Aligning its solutions with the expectations and requirements of its customers, the brand is proving to be quite a gamechanger in the industry.

 Here are the various methods in which the digitisation of businesses is helping them grow by leaps and bounds:


The most unique solutions to the different kinds of business problems are usually arrived at through an integrated design-centred approach. Therefore, the adoption of an innovative product design can facilitate quick ideation, prototyping, and validation of a viable product idea. The bespoke mobility solutions offered through digitisation aim to enable the customers to battle the basic obstacles and hindrances that obstruct their businesses and efficiency. This focus on creating easy and highly-effective design solutions eases the stress faced by organisations, instead helping them focus on what they do best, which involves constant innovation and changes.


 Currently, the entire world runs on technology and the best way forward for any business is to adopt a technology-friendly approach. This ultimately helps in minimising problems and barriers to effective business. Being equipped with the latest in technology also attracts a wider customer base for businesses. 


 One of the positive advantages of technology-based and automated business practices is the ability to transcend borders and boundaries with ease. The best players in the industry currently, such as AppInventiv, are spreading their wings far and wide through the entire expanse of the country, offering their services to everyone that needs them. 


 A unique feature of the digitisation of businesses and content is that a bouquet of services is offered by a single entity, allowing the client business to function smoothly without any worries. These services include the research and development of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Automation, as well as Data Analytics projects, in addition to other emerging technologies. 


In today’s day and age, it is not enough to offer simple digital solutions, such as the invention of mobile apps, in a complete repertoire. With technology changing at the drop of a hat, the quick thinkers of the industry must innovate even faster than that. As with every vocation in life, those who have a visionary outlook are quick to think on their feet and stand apart from the rest of the competition. Any business that wants to wade through these difficult times, coming out stronger than before, must necessarily look to digitise every aspect of their business. The capable hands of existing industry experts are clearly the best way to proceed in this endeavour.

 It is evident that customer-centric digital strategies will help businesses tap into new clients, while retaining their existing ones. With the adoption of this sound policy for the year 2020 and the future, the measure of growth will be phenomenal. AppInventiv has proven this fact by doubling the number of its new hires in the last quarter, and delivering on over 1,000 projects in the last few years. Under the leadership of Saurabh Singh, its director, AppInventiv is creating new horizons of collective growth and introducing the country to viable technology for the future, while simultaneously paving a new road to success. 

The writer is a lawyer who pens lifestyle articles on her successful blog www. nooranandchawla.com. She can be found on Instagram @nooranandchawla.