2 crore gold stolen from cabin baggage in Dubai-Karachi flight

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According to the reports on Monday, gold worth around Rs20 million was stolen from the cabin baggage of a Pakistani jeweller on a flight from Dubai to Karachi.

Reportedly, Mohammad Moonis lost 1,542 grams of gold during an international flight on Sunday afternoon. The gold could not be recovered despite the aircraft crew’s efforts after the flight landed in Karachi.

According to the jeweller, one and a half kilogrammes of gold vanished from the aircraft’s cabin bag during the flight. He informed the cabin crew about the missing gold, he said.

The Airport Security Force (ASF) scanned all passengers after landing for a quick check of the missing gold according to the victim. The gold theft during the flight, however, could not be recovered and the report did not mention the airline.

The passenger had also alerted the customs authorities about carrying the gold to Pakistan ahead of time. According to sources, the individual was legitimately bringing back half the worth of legally exported gold jewellery which was owned by Naurattan Jewellers of Karachi.

Customs officials on duty said a thorough search of the plane was done based on the passenger’s report.

The customs authorities suggested that the theft took place at the time of departure from Dubai International Airport, but the concerned passenger insisted that the presence of the gold was affirmed during the flight and that it was thieved in flight.