12 kg gold seized at Mumbai airport

Gold bar

The Mumbai Airport customs agents on Sunday seized a 12-kg gold bar with a value of Rs 5.38 crore.

The gold was found in a Sudanese passenger’s custom-made belt. Customs claims that other travellers at the airport caused a disturbance in an attempt to aid the accused in escaping, but they were ultimately defeated.

The customs agent tacked on, “A total of six passengers have been detained and six others are being deported.”

An earlier incident involved the seizure of 1.3 kilogrammes of cocaine at the Mumbai International Airport, which was valued at Rs 13 crore. A Ghanaian passenger was detained by the police after being stopped on August 28.

The police provided information indicating that the accused had hidden cocaine drugs inside his stomach. 87 capsules were found in the accused’s stomach after he was transported to the hospital.

The Mumbai Police filed a complaint against the defendant and started a further inquiry.