10-year sentence for 27-year-old for sexual assault and impregnation of minor


In a verdict emphasizing the profound and lasting trauma inflicted upon the victim, a special POCSO court has sentenced a 27-year-old man to ten years of rigorous imprisonment. The conviction stems from the man’s sexually assaulting and impregnating a 14-year-old girl with twins, whom he had met at a Garba event in 2018.
Special Judge Madhuri M Deshpande, presiding over the case, highlighted the gravity of the accused’s actions, stating that “such heinous acts cast a lifelong psychological and emotional impact on the victim.” The judge further remarked, “He had preyed on a child of tender age, merely 14 years old, who was just beginning to understand life.”
The harrowing ordeal ultimately resulted in the abortion of the twin pregnancies at 16 weeks, with DNA tests conclusively identifying the accused as the biological father.
Remarkably, the child’s mother did not support the prosecution’s case in court; she turned hostile during the proceedings. Nevertheless, relying on the compelling testimony of the child and additional corroborative evidence, the judge affirmed that the prosecution had successfully proven the accused’s culpability for the heinous act of rape.
In addition to the lengthy prison sentence, the accused was fined Rs 10,000. If this fine is recovered, it will be allocated to the victim as compensation. The judge acknowledged that while no amount of monetary compensation can adequately redress the grievous harm caused, it may provide some solace to the victim.
The victim, in her deposition, revealed that she resided with her mother and brother. Her acquaintance with the accused began in 2018 when they met at a Garba event, where he shared his phone number. Subsequently, they initiated conversations via phone calls, and in February 2019, he invited her to his residence. According to the child, the accused initially assured her that his mother and brother would be present at the house. However, when she arrived, the accused claimed they had left and subsequently locked the door. Despite her protests, the accused forcibly kissed her. She urged him to leave, as no one else was present at the house.