10 students fall ill due to chlorine gas leakage in swimming pool

In a municipal swimming pool in Vijayawada district of Andhra Pradesh, more than ten students aged between 8 to 14 years fell ill.

Following chlorine gas leakage all the students get ill and an accident took place on Wednesday in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Swimming Pool.

Meanwhile, the incident took place when students were practicing in the swimming pool.

Due to chlorine leakage in the pool children are seriously ill. All the students were preparing for the competitions to be held in Eluru on December 11.

Rambabu, the Swimming pool academy supervisor said, “The incident happened at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday night. Some of the swimmers requested us to give them permission for swimming as they are having a competition on December 11. We told them to get permission from the municipal commissioner and they said that have permission.”

Moreover, to a government hospital, all ten sick children were shifted and in critical condition, a child was shifted to a private hospital.

However, all students are stable now.

Furthermore, the student’s parents said due to improper chlorine system maintenance and management the incident took place.

“Due to the leakage of chlorine gas in the swimming pool, 10 to 12 students aged between 8-14 years fell ill. We took them to a government hospital. The gas leakage happened due to old equipment and an old gas cylinder. It was controlled later. All students are stable now. One of our staff also fell ill in this incident along with students,” Rambabu said.

“I am only the person who records the data of swimmers and the rest are monitored by DFO and municipal corporation officials. The swimming pool is scheduled up to 8 but with the request of the swimmers, it was up to 8:30 pm. We informed the officials about the incident. They had reached the hospital and given assurance to their parents,” Rambabu said.

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