MUMBAI: If there is one common fever among people across the country, then it is undoubtedly the ‘RRR Fever’. The most anticipated film of recent times is setting unimaginable standards with each passing announcement, posters, teasers and trailer.

‘RRR’ trailer was released on Thursday and one cannot contain their excitement to watch mega power star Ram Charan on a 70mm screen as Alluri Sita Rama Raju and feel every tingling moment of goosebumps. The most noticeable facet among several mind-boggling aspects of Ram Charan in this film is his body and emoting prowess. Chiseled to perfection, Ram Charan has trained with utmost determination and diligence to suit the role of Alluri Sitarama Raju, a freedom fighter who every Indian remembers and celebrates.

Let alone working on the body, Ram Charan has also effortlessly nailed the body language of a police officer in the British Era. His form in the boxing scene has received a tremendous response from netizens who are ardent fans of the activity. ‘RRR’, which is all set to release on January 7 is going to unravel several facets and talents of Ram Charan.

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