BJP’s Bhati prays for victory at Ramdevra, slams Congress


During a one-day visit to Ramdevra on Tuesday, senior BJP leader and former cabinet minister Devi Singh Bhati paid special respects to the revered deity Baba Ramdev at his shrine and prayed for the BJP to form the government again in the upcoming legislative assembly elections. He performed rituals with the shrine committee’s priest Arun Changani. On this occasion, he placed a velvet cloth, cashews, almonds, and candy as an offering. Upon arriving at Ramdevra, Baba Ramdev’s shrine committee honoured him by placing a saffron shawl around him.
Bhati said in a special message that due to differences within the party, he had left the party for some time, but now he feels quite good after rejoining the party. He said, “In the upcoming legislative assembly elections, Congress won’t even be able to touch the figure of 10. The way they have caused suffering to the people for the last 5 years, there is tremendous anger among the public about it.”
While talking about the candidate list and face of the party, he said, “The face of the Chief Minister will be decided by the leadership. Currently, the elections are being fought by showcasing only the lotus symbol everywhere.” He is touring extensively, and everywhere people are expressing their anger towards Congress. He said that the kind of looting Congress has carried out will receive a response from the public in the upcoming elections. After visiting Baba’s shrine and especially offering prayers, he prayed for the BJP to form the government in the state. Before this, upon reaching Ramdevra, a grand welcome was given to him by hundreds of BJP workers led by Ramdevra Sarpanch Samandar Singh Tawar.