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The Daily Guardian is the daily edition of The Sunday Guardian. Founded by ITV Network, the aim and mission of The Daily Guardian is to provide quality journalism to people. Incepted amid the Covid-19 pandemic, The Daily Guardian is spearheading an effective change under the leadership of Kartikeya Sharma, the Managing Director of ITV Network.

Led by a dedicated team of esteemed editors and contributing writers, The Daily Guardian has endeavored to bring you world exclusive stories with a fresh perspective and drive change. Our leadership team includes Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, the Editorial Director of ITV Network, Joyeeta Basu, Editor and Utpal Kumar, Executive Editor.

Paving the path for India in becoming a soft superpower, the core philosophy of The Daily Guardian is that India’s finest minds must be given a platform to share their views on a multiplicity of issues, which concerns every citizens. The newspaper covers issues ranging from policy, governance, politics, legal matters, defense, lifestyle as well as entertainment and sports.