Youth Brutally Murdered with Brick to Head in Jaipur


JAIPUR: In a shocking incident that took place in the capital city on Monday, a young man lost his life in a brutal attack where he was struck on the head with a brick. The victim has been identified as Arvind. The incident occurred in the Peetambar Colony area of the Mansarovar police jurisdiction. Arvind was known to be in a live-in relationship with a woman, who had a child. However, following the gruesome incident, the woman and her child have gone into hiding. There is suspicion that the woman may have a connection to the murder. This incident has sent shockwaves through the community, as Arvind had only moved to the area five days ago. The Mansarovar police, led by SHO Ransingh, are actively investigating the case. Further details regarding the motive behind the murder and the whereabouts of the woman and her child are yet to be uncovered. The police are working tirelessly to solve this alarming crime.