Women of Vair praise PM Modi for women reservation bill


In a significant development related to the Women’s Reservation Bill, the women of the Vair legislative constituency express their gratitude and appreciation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the bill’s passage in the Lok Sabha. After the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, the women of the region went to Delhi and enthusiastically supported Prime Minister Modi.
Former Mayor of Bharatpur Nagar Nigam, Suman Koli, stated that hundreds of female activists from Rajasthan went to Delhi and showed their support for Prime Minister Modi by enthusiastically participating in women’s rallies. She mentioned that the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha, which provides for 33% reservation for women in the country, is a significant step towards women’s empowerment. She praised Prime Minister Modi for his efforts in promoting gender equality and women’s rights.
Suman Koli further noted that women celebrated the passage of this bill by dancing, singing folk songs, and expressing their happiness. Suman Koli emphasized that this is the first time since India’s independence that someone has fought for women’s reservation and achieved it, and Prime Minister Modi is the one who has done it. She acknowledged the steps taken by Prime Minister Modi to protect the rights of Muslim women and his significant role in women’s empowerment.
She mentioned that women can vote, but they are often left behind when it comes to being elected to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. With the passage of this bill, it will be easier for women to take their concerns to Parliament and state legislatures. This will enable women to actively participate in the country’s progress.
Currently, only about 15% of Members of Parliament are women, and in the Rajasthan Assembly, there are only 14% women legislators, which is quite low. With this bill, the representation of women in these bodies is expected to increase significantly.
On the other hand, Shivani Dayma, a member of the BJP State Working Committee in Rajasthan, discussed the advantages of this bill for women’s welfare. She mentioned that the 33% reservation for women in the Lok Sabha, which has been implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is highly beneficial for women.