Women held refuge for 8 days, raped

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A man was arrested for rape after a woman, who said she had been held captive for eight days.

She went to court after police failed to file a complaint.

The accused “seduced” her into visiting his home on June 15, according to Madan Mohan Chaturvedi, Station House Officer at Sangari Police Station, who said this on Thursday.

She said that she had met the defendant, Ajaypal Verma, at the Gauhania railway crossing while there to purchase vegetables.

She claimed that Verma, a resident of the village of Kataiya, had taken her to his home on his motorcycle, held her hostage for eight days, and raped her.

The police claimed that when she protested, the accused allegedly threatened to kill her.

According to sources, the woman and the accused were acquainted.

Sources stated that the woman was saved by her mother, who assisted her in leaving the man’s home.

Additionally, the woman’s family did not file a missing person report while she was away.

The woman claimed that despite earlier complaining to the local police about the event, nothing was done, so she went to court.

In accordance with the court’s directives, the police have initiated an investigation by filing a complaint against the accused for rape and kidnapping.