Woman held hostage, raped by self-proclaimed godman, accused nabbed


In yet another case of violence against women, a self-declared Godman sexually assaulted a married woman while pretending to execute an exorcism. The victim was held prisoner and sexually assaulted after visiting the fake godman for treatment. The false godman was captured in Ghaziabad on rape accusations.

According to the authorities, the victim had been ill for a number of days before seeking treatment from the self-proclaimed godman in Modinagar’s Khidoda hamlet, according to a report.

She was informed by the defendant that she was in possession of a spirit and required his company in order to drive out evil spirits. She frequently came to see him for treatment.

On September 9, the fictitious godman sexually assaulted her while pretending to execute an exorcism. She was able to flee and report the self-styled godman to the Niwari police station.

A self-described godman (58) was recently detained for allegedly raping the daughter of a police officer. Notably, the false “baba” had been torturing the girl since she was a young child. September 11 saw the detention of the suspects.

The police officer claimed that during the previous 12 years, his father (a cop) had provided his mother and wife’s gold worth Rs. 10 lakh to Awasthi.

“On  the pretext of rituals, he raped the victim several times since 2019 (when she was a minor), clicked objectionable photographs of her and continued to sexually attack her by threatening to upload these pictures on the internet. He claimed that she was sent to earth just for him,” the police said.