Woman dragged by car wasn’t alone on scooty: Delhi Police


A shocking disclosure regarding the death of a 20-year-old woman who was dragged by a car for almost seven kilometres in the Sultanpuri neighbourhood has been made by the Delhi Police. According to the police, the victim was not alone on the scooter when the event took place.

When we traced the route of deceased, it was found that she wasn’t alone on her scooty. A girl was with her at the time of accident. She suffered injuries & fled from the spot but deceased’s legs got stuck in car, after which she was dragged”, the police said.

. The investigation into the tragic occurrence that has caused widespread indignation around the national capital has been moved forward by the Delhi Police. A team was brought to the village of Janauti by special commissioner of police Shalini Singh.

According to the Delhi Police, the accused Deepak Khanna had borrowed a car at around 8 pm on December 31. After picking up his other four friends, all the five accused headed to Murthal in Haryana where they had dinner. The police suspect that all the five people might have consumed liquor before leaving for Mangolpuri after midnight. The Delhi Police said the Kanjhawala Police Station received a distress call at around 3.20 pm about a body been dragged by a grey Maruti Baleno car heading to Qutubgarh.

Another caller notified about the body that was discovered at 4.11 am on the main road in Kanjhawala while the investigation was ongoing. The police unit arrived quickly at the scene where they discovered the deceased on the road. All five of the individuals have been detained and are being held on charges of culpable homicide, which does not constitute murder, causing death by carelessness, and reckless driving. They appeared in court, where the judge sentenced them to three days in jail.