Woman delivers baby in toilet, throws Infant out of window in kolkata


A woman allegedly killed her newborn minutes after giving birth inside the toilet of her house in Kasba area of Kolkata, police said.
The “killing” happened on 22 April when the woman went to the toilet, and after giving birth, threw the baby boy out of the window upon “getting perplexed after hearing him cry”, a police officer said. “The woman claimed she was not aware that she was pregnant, as her menstrual cycle was regular for the last few months. On Saturday, she gave birth to a baby boy. She claimed she got perplexed hearing him cry and threw the baby out of the window after breaking the glass pane,” he said.
Locals, after hearing the sound of the breaking window pane, rushed to the spot and found the newborn and informed Kasba Police Station.
“The woman was found bleeding from the lower part of her body. She and her baby were taken to a nearby hospital. The baby died the next morning,” he said. Initial probe revealed that the woman, who is suffering from some mental disorder, got married in November last year, the officer said.