‘With you, for you,’ MP Kartikeya Sharma to Kalka-Pinjore residents

‘With you, for you,’ MP Kartikeya Sharma to Kalka-Pinjore residents

Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma on Sunday pledged to work shoulder to shoulder with the residents of Kalka-Pinjore in Haryana. While addressing a gathering where he was honoured and wholeheartedly welcomed by Shri Brahmin Sabha HMT, Kartikeya Sharma said Kalka-Pinjore area has a special place in my heart as it has been nurtured by my family for generations.
Kartikeya Sharma visited Kalka-Pinjore for the first time after becoming the MP of Rajya Sabha. Shri Brahmin Sabha HMT organised a programme to welcome the young MP. Despite rain, people attended the programme to hear the MP.

‘With you, for you’
Kartikeya Sharma said, “I bow before the holy land of Kalka-Pinjore. For Kalka-Pinjore, me and my family has a very special place. My grandfather used to come here, my father Venod Sharma also liked this area. Like my father Venod Sharma who worked honestly on the problems of common people, I will also do the same. I am always with you. I can assure, you will always find me besides you. Just like my father fought for the rights of the people, so will I. I have entered politics with a positive mindset.”

Solving problems
“There are many problems here. Dengue is an acute problem. I promise that we will camp here every week till dengue ends. Medicines and machines will be brought. Arrangements will also be made for fogging. I am the grandson of Pandit Kedarnath Sharma, son of Vinod Sharma, be sure, I will do whatever I say. I will keep coming here.”

Haryana CM’s commendable work
The MP said, “Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar is working hard and he is doing everything with all transparency. In 2014, my father Venod Sharma fought for an efficient policy of interview and transfer policy of employees in Haryana. As a result, employees now need not to run here and there. The work my father had started long back, is being carried out by the Haryana Government quite efficiently.”

IMT in Ambala
The MP said, “My father Venod Sharma also demanded IMT in Ambala. Earlier governments did not pay heed to the demand. However, the CM Manohar ji had cleared the project. With this, many youth will get employment. I now demand a workshop on the land of HMT in Pinjore.”

PM’s vision
Kartikeya Sharma further said, “PM Narendra Modi has thought of a vision for the country, this is happening because PM’s intention is clear. A few days ago I got the tricolor hoisted at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, my heart rejoiced. It was not so earlier.”

‘I have whole of Haryana’
He said,”I have whole of Haryana. I think collectively and will take 36 fraternities together with me. I will not let any barriers come between us. Every effort will be made.”
Shamsher Sharma, president of Brahmin Sabha, said, “Kartikeya Sharma’s family has always been with us like a rock. The family is our great strength. A lot of work has been done in this area by his grandfather Pandit Kedarnath Sharma and father Venod Sharma. This family still stands shoulder to shoulder with us.
Besides Shamsher Sharma the programme was also attended by Jitendra Sharma, Sandeep Chauhan, Sanjeev Kaushal from Panchkula Brahmin Sabha.