Having good wishes is an easy but oft overlooked way of serving others. The vibrations of those who have good wishes create an easy, heartening and uplifting atmosphere that gives hope and strength to souls.

Most people today experience happiness only for short periods of time, on the basis of some achievement, possessions, or relationships. Their worries return sooner or later, with the same possessions and relationships often being the cause.

For someone lost in worry, even a brief interaction with souls who have good wishes is reassuring. That is why such souls are much loved and sought after.

What is the foundation of good wishes? Pure thoughts. If our thoughts are pure, there will definitely be good wishes. If there are negative thoughts as well, we cannot have good wishes all the time. Thinking well of others creates a stock of positive energy in the soul that we can share. The larger this stock, the more we can help others by giving the right direction to their thoughts. We can check the quality of our thoughts throughout the day: do I have more pure thoughts and good wishes or do I spend more time dwelling on the faults of other people?

Since waste and negative thoughts deplete our energy, someone who has a lot of such thoughts feels empty, dissatisfied, and weak, which is why they are unable to think well of others. The remedy is to consciously create happy, empowering thoughts, which will automatically end our worries. Regular practice of creating good wishes makes it natural to us, and we then become so full of positive energy that we are able to share it and free others from their worries.

The success of all charitable actions depends on being a well-wisher. A great variety of individuals come in contact with us. Having good wishes for all of them is like giving them wings – of courage and enthusiasm – to uplift them.

Good wishes also bring us everyone’s cooperation – they automatically create the feeling of wanting to cooperate. This is because everyone loves well-wishers, and this love makes them cooperative. Where there is love, people willingly offer their time, wealth and cooperation.

Offering others support, courage and enthusiasm in this way brings us their blessings, whose energy makes our life smooth and free from major obstacles. This is how being a well-wisher is a win-win formula for a happy life.

B.K. Atam Prakash is a Rajyoga teacher at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.