Will the run up to Diwali cost China a loss of Rs 40k crore?


Troubled times for Chinese goods is going to continue as far as India is concerned. Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) plans to organise 300 virtual or online exhibitions of Indian goods across the country and will display items related to Diwali. A live display and virtual exhibition was held at CAIT’s office in Delhi on Friday, marked its beginning. The purpose is to make people aware of what all domestic goods are available at this festival.

The festive season, starting from Rakhi to Diwali every year, is a very busy season for businessmen. According to an estimate, in the past years, Indian traders have imported and sold goods worth about Rs 40,000 crore from China during the festive season. But this time, due to the kind of sentiment against China, there is no plan to ship goods from China. The merchants associated with CAIT have decided that in this festive season Chinese goods will not be sold in the country.

Wide-ranging preparations have begun to make easy availability of Indian goods across the country. To make and sell Indian goods on a large scale all over the country, more than 300 online exhibitions of festival-related goods will be organised by CAIT. In these exhibitions to be held across the country, customers will be suggested the Indian option of the goods associated with the festival. It began on Friday with a live display and virtual exhibition held at CAIT’s office in Delhi. CAIT says that over 40,000 business organisations will join this campaign.

CAIT general secretary Praveen Khandelwal told The Daily Guardian that all items related to Diwali will be made by Indian artisans.