Will oppose it in all possible ways: TN Water Resources Minister on Karnataka’s Mekdatu Dam project

Reiterating Tamil Nadu’s stand on Karnataka’s Mekdatu Dam project, state minister of Water Resources Duraimurugan on Wednesday said the state will oppose the project in all possible ways.
Responding to news reports of his Karnataka counterpart DK Shivakumar’s assertion to complete the project, Duraimurugan said his state will oppose the project. “News reports state that Karnataka’s Minister for Water Resources, DK Shivakumar, is all set to complete the Mekdatu Dam project. It is surprising to hear that within a few days of assuming power, Shivakumar makes a move to ruffle neighbouring states. I think he wasn’t informed well regarding the Mekdatu project. There was no mention of the Mekdatu dam issue in the judgments of the Supreme Court and Cauvery Centre Board. Mekdatu and other unauthorised constructions would affect Tamil Nadu. So it is not welcomed by anyone,” he said.
He further said that he would soon meet Shivakumar in person and hold discussions on the issue in detail.
“Tamil Nadu would oppose the Karnataka Mekdatu Dam project in all possible ways. I think his officials may not have properly briefed Shivakumar on the Mekdatu project. I hope I will get a chance to meet him in person very soon so that we can discuss this issue in detail. I hope the honourable minister, Shivakumar, will stay patient untill then,” Duraimurugan added.
Reportedly, Shivakumar has asked irrigation department officials to prioritise the Mekdatu Dam project, which has been a bone of contention for the two states.

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