Why we need to shift from linear to circular economy


As we all know the fact that the population is enhancing to a great pace and due to increase in the population, the demand and the requirements of the countries are also increasing each day.

Plastic will relentlessly seize our landfills, drifting in the oceans and defiling our bodies as long as we would attach ourselves to the 20th century’s linear kind of model of take make and waste. Nonetheless 21st century needs an alternative for plastic crises. As linear economy emphasizes on recycling which refers to the recirculating the toxic hazardous material, providing them another opportunity for infecting our ecosystem with poisonous repercussions. If the musings would remain intact with the saying that plastic is the only solution then it would definitely lead to generation of waste and proliferation of plastic.

The thing is that we have to go beyond the methodology of recycling and there is a need to construct framework for a credible circular economy. It would be primarily assisting to construct waste to biomaterial technology in order to curb with the predicament of climate with plastic and other waste. Apart from taking a packaging fee, these types of industries really require to get away from the carbon intensive chemicals to a protective materials production. It is a dire need to reduce the subsidies of particularly these kinds of industries, impose taxes on emissions.

Circular economy is a kind of technique through which the lifecycle of the product could be extended. It is a kind of model which entails leasing, sharing, repairing, reusing and refurbishing. Whenever the product attains the end of its life its material is retained wherever economy is possible so that maximum utility is possible. It could be optimally be utilized time and again. Additionally, it would enhance the value of the product. As contrast to the linear model this model relies on huge quantities quickly accessible material as well as energy.

What is the need to shift from linear to circular economy?

As we all know the fact that the population is enhancing to a great pace and due to increase in the population, the demand and the requirements of the countries is also increasing day day. But as it is quite evidenced that the resources are not proportionately equal to the population. This is the reason through which the environment gets influenced through the extraction of more and more raw material. Therefore, it also enhances the consumption of energy and CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, it is a need of smarter utilization of raw materials which would lower emissions of harmful gases.


The measures for instance prevention of the waste, eco-design and re -utilization could probably would protect the corporate’s money. Additionally, it would decline the total annual greenhouse gas emissions. Right now, the production of the materials we utilize everyday is nearly 45% of the total carbon dioxide emissions. The more we progress towards a circular economy it would provide several benefits which are as following:


The circular economy is one of the boosters for enhancing the economic growth as it led to minimum wastage. Through the assistance of the same the countries could grow economically. As it has been evidenced that it led to additional 0.5% to the growth to the economy.


With the help of the circular economy the raw material could be secured in an improved manner as it includes the smarter use of raw material.

Reduction in the pressure to the environment:

The circular economy also helps us to reduce the pressure to the vicinity as it led to the optimum utilisation of the resources.


It has been concluded that there is a need for developing a roadmap for each country that should be followed very diligently. That should clearly take into consideration different measures for instance waste generation, land filling, and greenhouse gas emissions. By removing the plastic-based kind of pollution we can all create a community which is more safer, healthier and sustainable.