‘Why didn’t they purchase medicines…will investigate this’: Medical Education Minister


The ongoing dispute between the state government and the hospital staff shows no signs of abating after 31 patients, including 12 newborns, lost their lives at a hospital in Nanded. Hasan Mushrif, the Minister of Medical Education in Maharashtra, questioned why the hospital had not used its remaining Rs 4-5 crores to purchase medicines.
Mushrif expressed deep concern over the housekeeping issues and emphasized that the matter was being taken very seriously. He raised questions about the hospital’s delayed medication procurement despite having sufficient funds.
“The issue of housekeeping is very serious, we have taken that seriously. They still have Rs 4-5 crores. Why didn›t they purchase medicines? Our committee will give an answer. We will bring the medical college staff here,» he said.
«Every person›s life is important to us, children›s life is important to us and for this, we will work very fast. There is no issue of funding but why didn›t they purchase medicines on time, we allowed the dean to buy 40 percent of medicines. We will investigate this,» he added.
At least 31 people died in the government-run Dr Shankarrao Chavan Medical College and Hospital reportedly due to an alleged scarcity of medicines. Between Saturday and Sunday, 24 patients were reported to have died with seven more deaths reported on Tuesday.
“A Committee of doctors has been formed to investigate the whole matter and action will be taken against those who are found guilty in this matter. There was no shortage of drugs in this hospital. are immediately increasing the beds in hospital. Till now, 31 people have died in this hospital,” Hasan Mushrif added.