What made Nokia change its logo for first time in 60 years ?


In order to focus on speedier growth and mark a new strategy shift, Finnish tech multinational Nokia has redesigned its logo for the first time in 60 years.
This move occurred after Pekka Lundmark assumed leadership of Nokia’s telecom equipment division, and the CEO outlined a three-phase approach – reset, accelerate, and grow, according to the tech news website GSM Arena. Nokia will stop using the blue colour and will instead utilise whatever shade is most appropriate for the situation. Thus, no specific colour palette has been chosen.
Lundmark said that Nokia is no longer just a smartphone company, but a “business technology company,” reported GSM Arena.
Nokia will concentrate on selling equipment to other businesses in addition to expanding its telecom equipment business. These include tools for automated manufacturing and private 5G networks, which would put the business in direct competition with Microsoft and Amazon in the market. Nokia is contemplating expanding and developing in further sectors, mentioned Lundmark, as per GSM Arena.