What is peace?


Peace is a state of mind that is stable, harmonious, accepting and powerful. It is experienced by others as calmness or tranquillity.

Some think peace is impossible, that they are not wired for peace; that their minds are too busy to be peaceful. Some think peace means being weak or meek. 

A truly peaceful person is undisturbed by external forces. It takes great strength to remain composed and unshaken when faced with controversy, conflict or injustice. The capacity to be truly peaceful is in each person and is the strongest innermost quality ~ a deep reservoir of stable, energy waiting to be illuminated. 

Can peace create change?

Through collective engagement and cooperation, peace can create sustainable change when it is sincere and intentional.

In a world of differences, people sometimes think change can only occur when forced or through violence. However, sustainable change cannot be created through force. Any change involving fear is not sustainable, because people will resist the change or push to change it back when pressure is removed. Change is most sustainable at a societal and personal level when there is collective engagement and cooperation.

Peace is active, not passive. Change that is motivated by peace, overrides fear and force and is infused with the energy of cooperation.  

How does my peace affect others? 

When I focus my mind on peace, the silence is calming and contagious. Peace is contagious. Pause. Stop. Have a determined thought to remain peaceful and peace will grow and influence others.

When a person stays peaceful and does not react to the stress and bustle around them, they can create a sense of calm which is helpful to others. This can rekindle the peace in someone else or create space for others to check themselves and notice the lack of peace within themselves. 

How do I stay peaceful when I see sad or disturbing events in the world?

By acknowledging events with love and good energy we provide an antidote to difficult situations. 

It is hard to witness the suffering of others. It can make us feel helpless and afraid. As a caring human being, I want to do something. I can always give good energy. 

When I hear a siren or read a terrible headline, I can immediately send thoughts of power and peace to the people involved. With this action, I am reaching out with love, I am doing something by sending good vibrations. When I give love and peace, I also protect myself from absorbing the suffering and fear around me.