‘WeMen’: Ganesh’s elucidation to Shiva


Shiva was seated in the yogic mudra on the cliff of Mansarovar. Although he was meditating, his eyes moved rapidly from left to right and his face bore an expression of confusion. Ganesh who was casually walking by flinging his trunk to and fro trying to match his footsteps, noticed the distress on his father’s face. Bowing before Shiva, Ganesh politely asked, “Pita ji what is worrying you? You look distracted in Dhyaan.”
Gently opening his eyes, Shiva smiled, “Nothing misses your observant eyes. I am not worried, just confused about what is being celebrated on Earth today? Why are women made to feel special? What is the occasion?” After a closer look below, Ganesh informed
“It is Women’s Day Pita ji! 8th March.Globally it is recognized to acknowledge women’s equality, rights, achievements and also to put forth campaigns to raise their pedestal on socio, political level.” Bemused by the information, Shiva inquired with a childlike innocence.
“Why would the Adi Shakti, the primordial power behind the universe, the feminine energy manifested in every living woman need a day for recognition? Her supremacy is evident and absolute. That Women is the creator of WeMen and the society. The feminine energy is life. It should be celebrated every day.”
“Exactly Pita ji! It should be that way. But in the evolution of human civilization, they have built a society with sections and divisions, leading to power struggle and suppression of the feminine energy, that is dynamic, free flowing, creative and empathizing. The energy is woman in human form and also a part of man. The Ardhnareeshwar, mentions this, symbolizing a wholesome human. Not just that the progressive human race is becoming fast paced every day. They are in a constant rush so they often forget to celebrate life. Hence they allocate dates to days to remember occasions, people and feelings.”
Listening to Shiva’s pitiful sad silence, Ganesh reclaims the mood. “Pita ji, let us bake a laddoo cake for Maa and post a pic on the internet with a #AdiShakti.”
Monica Gupta is an author and creative writing coach.