Delhi Struggles With Water Crisis Due To Intense Heat Wave

Delhi confronts an intense summer marked by power cuts and worsening water shortages amid early heat wave conditions, with temperatures hitting 47 degrees Celsius in parts of the city.

Delhi faces water shortages exacerbated by reduced flow from neighbouring states like Haryana, impacting Yamuna's water levels critical for the city's water treatment plants.

Efforts by the AAP government aim to boost supply to 998 MGD immediately and to 1,180 MGD by June 2023 to meet rising summer demands.

Delhi is among 21 Indian cities that likely exhausted their groundwater resources by 2021, as per the NITI Aayog 2019 report.

The water shortage in Delhi remains unresolved, with uncertainties about when relief might come amid ongoing extreme heat and water scarcity for the foreseeable future