Celebrate Nature Photography Day 2024 With Stunning Photographs

Tracey Lund won Gold and the Grand Prize in the World Nature Photographer of the Year. In Shetland, she used a DSLR on a polecam to capture gannets diving for fish, with only 2 usable shots out of 1800.

Lakshitha Karunarathna from Sri Lanka won the Silver prize in the competition. His photography showcased the diverse natural beauty of Sri Lanka, capturing moments of profound wildlife and landscapes.

Jouni Erola of Finland earned the Bronze prize for his striking nature photography, highlighting Finland's serene landscapes and unique wildlife.

Partha Roy from Singapore, showcased captivating scenes of Singapore's natural landscapes and wildlife. His photography skillfully captures the essence of local biodiversity and scenic beauty.

John Seager from the United Kingdom captured stunning images that celebrate the beauty of British wildlife and landscapes. His photography skillfully  highlights UK's rich biodiversity and scenic charm.

Giovanni Crisafulli from Italy captivated this photograph, which vividly portrays Italy's diverse natural landscapes and wildlife.