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We should be alert and not scared of coronavirus


5:40 am IST


As the coronavirus pandemic is shaking the world, continuous research is being carried out across the globe on the evolution and treatment of Covid-19, with no reliable treatment in place till date. In the wake of the virus outbreak in India, many people in the country are in a state of panic owing to its fast-spreading nature. But, do we really need to be scared? As per experts, there is no need to panic if infected people are kept under quarantine. Nevertheless, necessary precautions need to be taken in order to minimise the possibilities of further outbreak.

 Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of health and longevity, echoes the principle of prevention is better than cure, which resonates with the current state of the globe, where cure or vaccine is not available. All that we as responsible citizens can focus on, is the prevention.

Experts recommend some necessary and simple precautions that can be helpful in preventing further spread of the novel coronavirus.

 1. Avoid crowd and contact: Do not go to public gatherings till the coronavirus subsides. Under unavoidable circumstances, use a face mask. Be careful of social hygiene while sneezing or coughing.

2. Wash hands frequently & thoroughly: Use soap and water; wash face, eyes and nose afterwards, and rinse your mouth as well, since coronavirus enters the body through Mucous membranes which is generally present in the openings of the body like eyes, nose, mouth and genitalia. Frequently use alcohol-based hand sanitisers and minimise contact with people and surfaces. Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth without washing hands with soap and water whenever you are out in public or have returned from outside. Wash hands properly before eating.

3. Avoid common toilets, public places: Avoid using public restrooms and refrain from touching surfaces in public places like door knobs, handles, railings, etc.

4. Refrain from eating outside: Stay away from cold and frozen foods like ice cream and cold drinks, cut fruits and fruit juices from outside. In unavoidable circumstances, limit to freshly prepared hot food. Avoid salads and raw food, half-cooked or halfbaked food. You can consume fruits at home after cleaning and peeling them properly. Keeping away from junk food will be helpful for immune system and overall health.

5. Immunity is the saviour: A strong immune system is always a big advantage when it comes to infectious diseases. Pay attention to your health and lifestyle and follow a healthy regime for a strong immune system.

6. Have a good physiological cycle: Have proper sleep and proper food at appropriate timings. Consume adequate water. Include yoga and pranayam in your daily routine. Adopt an active lifestyle.

 7. Meditate regularly: Do meditation. It counters chronic stress and makes life worthwhile. Stress is a major killer, and one of the biggest enemies of the immune system. Currently a number of people are obsessed with the fear of coronavirus which makes regular meditation need of the hour. Meditation helps in getting rid of panic and fear, and it also has innumerable health benefits.

8. Have rich diet: Include spices like turmeric and black pepper in your diet, or mix them in you glass of warm cow milk. Many Indian spices like cinnamon and cumin seeds are great immunomodulators. Garlic, ginger, lemons and gooseberry are needed in your diet.

 9. Grow immunity power: Giloy (Amruth bali) is an Indian herb which is very effective in boosting immunity. You can also consume triphala (an Ayurvedic herbal rasayana readily available in the market), tulsi (holy basil), mulethi (licorice) for better immunity. Give up refined sugar, it severely hampers the immune system.

Medical researchers are still busy writing down all the possible symptoms of Covid-19 as new signs of the disease are arising by every day. Here are some notable symptoms which doctors have reported till date: Cough, high fever, headache, runny nose and breathing difficulty. Do not panic, these are also symptoms of seasonal flu.

 Do you have the symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection? If yes, take the following immediate measures if you have been in direct or indirect physical contact or close proximity with an infected person.

Home quarantine yourself, do not panic.

Maintain safe distance from family members.

Do not share utensils and room with anyone in family. Call on the government helpline for Covid-19; wait till you are tested.

With a strong immune system and positive outlook, it should be possible to fight any infection. It is important to take precautions but at the same time not to let fear or panic take over us. As a society we need to be alert and aware in such situations. However, it is equally important to remain calm and not to lose our smile!

Harsha Suman is associated with Art of Living Bureau of Communication. With inputs from Dr Mitali Madhusmita (senior doctor from Art of Living’s Sri Sri Tattva Panchkarma) and Dr Sajitha K(HoD, Swasthavritti and Yoga, SSCASR).

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